Domestic wastewater Industrial wastewater
What is ? The wastewater coming from bathroom, WC, kitchen etc due to daily activities in houses, offices etc. The wastewater formation during an industrial application or production.
What for treatment ? Wastewater decreases the dissolved oxygen concentrations in water receiving bodies (lake, river, sea etc). Decrease in oxygen levels will cause aquatic life to be in danger. The food chain over the aquatic life will end up to humans who will be affected seriously. In Turkey, discharge of untreated wastewater to receiving bodies is restricted by environmental laws.
How treated? Generally biological treatment methods are preferred. Biological Treatment Process depends on bacteria which converts the organics (pollutants) to harmless by products or new bacteria cells without using any chemicals. Physical, chemical and / or biological Treatment methods are utilized in industrial wastewater treatment. Physical treatment is carried out without any chemical addition or biological activity. Chemical treatment process depends on the chemical reactions of wastewater with added chemicals.


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Wastewater Treatment Systems
Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wastewater Treatment Systems is classified into two, one is domestic wastewater, the other one is industrial wastewater.

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