Multimedia sand filters are used for removing suspenden solids, turbidity and other particles from raw water. System is consisting of settling different degree of gravel sizes with more than one layer.

Sand filters are being composes of three different granule size gravel, quartz, sand and anthracite minerals at the top layer, forms multi layered passage. While raw water is passing through multimedia materials from up to down hard substance which exist in water are hold in those layers by quartz and anthracite's electrostatic feature. Thus, the water will be free from deposits and will have clear appearance.

Sand filters present the most suitable solution that will meet your filtration need for various capacities. They work at optimum time with administration comfort and service support. Parameters that effect productivity of multimedia filters are; quality and quantity of filter body, well-bedded minerals, choice of velocity. A good filter can have filtration accuracy between 15-20 micron.

Modern technology by diminishing the need for human intervention to zero, has manufactured self-cleaning filters (which can carry out reverse washing) which operate with automatic valve system.

Surface piping system consisting of pneumatic or electrical actuator controlled valves are used for industrial type filters. The backwash period can be controlled according to flow, timeor differantial pressure between the inlet and outlet of the filter measured by the pressure transmitters. The system is able to return again to service mode automatically after the cleaning process. The control of the system is provided by a PLC and 65.000 colored TFT touch screen is used as the operator control panel.


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